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  • Sales Flow Happens

  • A Tale of Two Salespeople

  • Death of a Salesman? Not So Fast

  • We All Know About the Man Behind the Curtain

  • So, What's the Problem?

  • What We Have is a Failure to Communicate

  • The Human Factor

  • A Perfect Storm for Sales

  • Enter Sales Flow Optimization

  • What It Takes

  • How it Works

  • The Impact on Sales Reps and Management

  • This Changes Everything

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Optimizing Your Sales Machine

Revenue generation, the single most important function of a business, is the direct result of sales process flow (or, simply, sales flow), one of the few remaining areas of an enterprise that has been beyond direct control. The reality for each enterprise is that sales flows have been largely unknown and uncontrollable. Companies have been in the dark.

This eBook will help you

  • Gain a true understanding of what is a sales process. How to importance and optimize your sales processes?
  • Guide your team on how its best to sell. Segmented by product, region, etc.
  • Identify the correct way to sell your specific products.