Gain visibility into your actual sales processes

Sales Flow Dashboard

The Sales Flow Dashboard provides a 360 degree view of all your end-to-end sales flows. You can sort the view by business objective (e.g. revenue, sales cycle, new logos) and by segments such as regions, teams, product lines and many more.

Sales Flow Compass

A great sales flow is a sequence of activities that lead to a closed-won deal repeatedly. The Sales Flow Compass allows you to drill down into your top performing sales flows and analyze them by their activities and performance metrics. You can then standardize your best sequences and build them into your sales flows for optimal results.

Sales Rep Performance Dashboard

Manage your weekly pipeline reviews with a focus on the activities, trends and sales flow metrics that matter the most. Get a true view of your team’s pipeline and the progress accomplished by each rep to enable meaningful discussions that drive results.

Opportunity Navigator

Gain visibility into the activity breakdown of each opportunity in a timeline view to understand if it’s being managed according to your best sales flows. The Opportunity Navigator will surface the gaps and alert you on key actions you need to take.


Inflowz integrates with your core business systems in order to gather data on your sales and marketing activities in real time. We then apply our sophisticated AI algorithms that analyze and visualize your end-to-end sales flows to produce actionable insights.

The integration connects Inflowz to your Salesforce account and enables you to get an immediate analysis of both your historic and current sales flows. We do this by analyzing your lead, opportunity and account activities and distilling the most impactful sales flows for you.


The Marketo integration enriches your sales flows with top of the funnel data on campaigns and other marketing activities. This allows you to get an even broader view of what’s impacting your sales flows and drive tighter collaboration with your marketing team for continuous improvement of marketing activities that feed your pipeline.